The construction sector has benefited from technology in the past. Business software solutions ranging from building information modelling to automation have been helping organisations to make better-informed decisions and to automate a broad spectrum of tasks. Today’s challenge for construction companies is to keep up with the ongoing technology disruption to make the most of the new immense opportunities. Dot Seven is proud to work with well established UK construction companies like T&B Contractors Ltd helping them to improve the efficiency of their business processes.


Autonomous driving, car connectivity, electrification – all those technology trends tremendously disrupt the automotive industry nowadays. The use of technology dictates continuous searching for new approaches and solutions in every aspect of business operations. Those companies who will be able to adapt quickly and to embrace new technology opportunities will stay afloat in this tough race. Dot Seven has been helping to identify problems and to find appropriate technology solutions to the industry leaders, like Mazda, for many years.


The energy industry is facing its challenges with end-use electricity consumption being on the decline on the one hand and increasing demand for technology innovations from customers on the other side. To meet those challenges, industry leaders are integrating tech innovations as fast as they can. Technology affects all areas of business operations and Dot Seven’s expertise and experience have been used by the industry leaders to increase efficiency by employing technology solutions in different areas.


Rapidly evolving customer expectations create a demand gap in the utilities sector. Customers want to reduce their consumption, and they expect providers to help them in doing this by usage of innovative technologies like Big Data and Internet of Things. Technology solutions are already here, and they wait to be adopted by most pro-active industry players. Dot Seven will help to address this gap by breath-taking innovative solutions which we developed together with our partners.

Tech startups

London is one of the best places in the world for technology innovation and starting up a new tech business. Some startups have technology expertise at their core, while others require help from a third party. We are thrilled to see emerging new ideas and to be a part of someone else’s success. Dot Seven gladly shares its knowledge and expertise with tech startups who need technology guidance and consultancy.