Business Automation

Use full power of IT to optimise your processes

Extend your existing IT systems or develop a new bespoke solution to cut costs and speed up your processes. We will help you to define the processes to be automated, and we will plan and deliver the solution that can involve bespoke application development, systems integrations and technical support.

Bespoke Application Development

Bespoke solutions to optimise your processes

There are no two identical people as well as there are no two identical businesses. Often you just cannot buy a ready-to-go solution that would fit your particular business requirements. This is where our team comes to help. We do business analysis, create technical requirements and deliver a custom software solution using an agile approach to development.

Digital Presence

Custom websites and mobile apps for your business

Are you building a complex website or a mobile app with custom functionality? Or you need a simple landing page or a standard corporate website for your business? In any case, we can help you plan, prototype, design and build your website or mobile app.

Machine Learning & Big Data

Use AI to solve your business tasks

Machine learning allows software applications to analyse data and to predict outcomes without being explicitly programmed. The power of machine learning in solving business tasks is on its rise at this moment, and our team will help you to take full advantage of this technology.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Explore how IoT can be used by your business today

Low power, wide area network (LPWAN) technology is one of the latest words in IoT field. It allows building a low-cost, high-performance IoT product serving your business goals. New ways of collecting data and controlling remote devices become available with LWPAN and IoT for business.

Technical support

IT systems do not work on their own

After building any IT system, it is vital to make sure its further smooth operation and evolution. Our team can take full responsibility for the technical side of your software application. Our support services include some standard procedures like backup management, availability and performance monitoring, server administration, content management as well as many other regular and on-demand tasks.

Minimum viable product (MVP)

Our special offer to startups

We're very well aware of budget constrains that are typical for all startups, but we do have passion about young and energetic entrepreneurs who want to build something entirely new. That's why we would like to offer our special prices for building an MVP that will help you to rocket your project to the next stage and to get the financing you need to develop your product further. Talk to us about your tech startup idea that requires a website or a mobile app.


Leverage our expertise to find the best solution

Our experience and comprehensive expertise allow us connecting different dots in a plethora of existing IT solutions and approaches. We will help you make the right choices where you need to define your strategic decisions related to information technology. For startups and small businesses, we can act as a CTO (Chief Technical Officer) helping you to solve any IT questions related to your business.


Cut costs on your development tasks

Our experienced and well-educated staff is ready to join your team remotely, with or without project management on our side. Senior, mid and junior level frontend and backend web and mobile developers with knowledge in a variety of software languages are available according to specific needs of your project. We are very flexible about terms and conditions of our outsourcing services. If you provide us with your outsourcing requirements, we will be able to make a competitive offer according to your needs.